Thursday, November 4, 2010

Word Anime

this is a clip from the film Goonies that i animated for my interface class. enjoy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Website Link for HTML

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to create and add an icon for your website

Browsers are now beginning to support, what are called, fav-icons. They are tiny images that displayed in the address bar, bookmarks, browser tabs and other places that are associated with the website.

To start off you will need:

  • Photoshop and plugin from

  • Desired image for the icon

  • About 15 mins of your time

  • HTML document & text editor or HTML editor (ie. Dreamweaver)

1. Go to and download the plugin for Photoshop. Select the plugin by which OS you are using and which version of Photoshop.

2. For the Mac, install plugin in Photoshop plugins folder by placing the plugin under the folder “file formats”.

3. Open image file in Photoshop. In Photoshop go to Image > Image Size then enter at least 16 x 16 pixels.

4. Still in Photoshop go to File > Save As then name the icon (ie. camark.ico ) select the ICO (Windows Icon) format and select Standard ICO click OK.

5. Now open your HTML document and in the section of the document type
(type in both for browser compatibility) and save html document.

6. Now open in web browser such as Firefox and you will see the icon you have created, in the address box and on the browser tab.

7. Now smile at your accomplishment and pat yourself on the back.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Site Critique / Project Proprosals

  1. – html | – flash


      1. What makes this site successful are its uses of imagery, design of the pages and creative navigation.

      2. The navigation is quite easy to use and the are at least two different ways of navigating, that allow for flexibility. The home page consists of various images representing the different pages. They look like framed pieces of art hanging on a wall. Above that there is a drop-down text navigation that labels all the 'framed art pieces' and allows for an alternate way of navigating. They use sans serif fonts to keep with the modern feel of the website. In the both the textual and visual navigation there is feedback. In the textual one, on the top, it lets you know when you have been and where you are by labeling the pages and separating them by syntax symbols. Also when the visual navigation does not allow for the option of feedback the textual feedback navigation stays on top so that you can utilize it. The visual navigation will always allow for some sort of navigation by giving the option of going back to the previous page. The internal visual navigation on each page is quite easy to use as well. It allows you to sort viewing options. Also on some of the pages there is an appended navigation menu in addition to the one in the drop-down menu. Overall the navigation is easy to use and has various options. It is also visually and textually appealing to the user.

      3. a. The home page is in black and white yet the other pages have color on them. Color is mainly utilized to accentuate the important parts of each page, particularly the banner headings of each page and to highlight various option choices.

        b. Some texture is used when the user moves the mouse over some of the options to select a choice, the option will become raised. There is also some utilization of gradient textures to fade away inactive options.

        c. Motion is used when enter the home page. The 'framed artwork' move into the placements. Also there is a drop-down menu and that moves. On some of the pages there are scrolling menu options that move. The website also uses video quite a bit and creates an in-depth feel and a sense of realism for the website. Motion for the menu options is pretty subtle but it is utilized.

        d. Sound is mainly used in the video portions of the website so that you can focus on the visual aspect of the site.

        e. The text type is usually a serif typeface and the display type is mainly sans serif typeface that looks like futura. The display fonts that are not sans serif are usually logos and the like. The kerning is seems to be well done and the

        f. On the home page the visual hierarchy is divided up by how big the 'framed artwork' is. The larger the artwork generally the page corresponding to it is a more in-depth page with more content. Also on the pages themselves the pages are separated into different windows of varying sizes. The sizes are given by how important each selection of content is. The menu content is usually small to medium and selected content is the largest for your viewing pleasure. Generally on each page there is a large image, a medium sized image and some small things.

        g. With information hierarchy the headers on the pages are the largest and usually in bold to let you know what you are looking at. The footers are the smallest because they are not as pertinent. Important information is also placed in a way that is easily read and allows for ease of use when looking for information.

        h. Contrast is exemplified with color, varying sizes of imagery and information as well. These implementations keep the site interesting and visually appealing. With starkness between the monochromatic and the polychromatic variation allows to keep interest. Repetition is also important on the site so that even with the contrast it is able to give a sense of familiarity. Similar to the contrast the repetition of the color palette is applied with certain colors such as reds and yellows. Also the repetition of typeface styles allows for familiarity. Also the style and feel of the imagery that repeats creates a sense of cohesiveness within the page.

      4. The type of content on the site is a combination of both text and visuals so that they are able to support each other. The purpose of the site is mainly a promotional tool for the brand and also a site for selling product.

      5. The site's audience seems to mainly target young adult males but it seems there are also some pages created for young adult females. The site effectively communicates with the user by its usage of imagery that is both enticing and visually appealing to the demographic. Also textually they have appealed to their demographic by using language that is modern mingled with slang.


    IV. Create a website for the Whysound? Music venue or a website to promote the writings and musings of a writer. Or focus on an aspect of the art of Irving Norman.